struggle + sleep

“But now isn’t simply now. Now is also a cold reminder: one whole day later than yesterday, one year later than last year. Every now is labeled with its date, rendering all past nows obsolete, until - later or sooner - perhaps - no, not perhaps - quite certainly: it will come.”

A Single Man, Christopher Isherwood (via avvfvl)

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fall out boy: deep songs that sound happy

twenty one pilots: sad songs that make you want to dance

my chemical romance: emo songs with slightly less emo over time

panic! at the disco: songs about having sex that are actually pretty clear they didn’t even try to hide it

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Stick To Your Guns-15 by Larry Wentworth on Flickr.

Pierce The Veil- I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket


youre a 10 and i look like im 10

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